Music In Prisons
Music in Prisons - The Irene Taylor Trust Music in Prisons - The Irene Taylor Trust Music in Prisons - The Irene Taylor Trust "Delivering innovative music projects enhancing the rehabilitation and education of prisoners and in so doing, enabling their reintegration into the community"
The Irene Taylor Trust  Music in Prisons has been working at the forefront of arts and rehabilitation since 1995, bringing creative music projects to men and women of all ages in prisons throughout the UK. From 2012 onwards, MiP has embraced a new strategy to take its reach further than ever before, with the development of the 'Sounding Out' ex-prisoner programme and 'Making Tracks', targeting young people at risk in the community.

The individuals we work with are some of the most disadvantaged and excluded in society, having faced a range of issues such as abuse, violence, drug abuse, mental health problems, exclusion from school and homelessness.

MiP provides positive learning experiences that can act as a vital catalyst in the process of rehabilitation and the development of the life skills needed for prisoners to become valuable members of their communities.

While projects are enjoyable, they are also challenging, and require participants to demonstrate dedication, concentration, bravery and empathy.